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Accredited Mental Health
Training & Qualifications

Starra is from Scots Gaelic and means "barrier".

You can find out more about why this name is so special to me here


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Hello, I'm Joanne Docherty. Thank you for landing here, it is lovely to have you! 


I offer range of accredited Mental Health Training and Qualifications detailed below. I work with organisations as well as individuals, all over the world.


 My experience stems from a strong educational foundation and a multifaceted professional career that I weave together so that I can offer you the best possible learning experience.


Some key factors below have been instrumental in my success as an educator: 


  • My lived experience of being a child who experienced significant trauma

  • A solid teaching career with experience of teaching nursery children through to university level

  • Holding significant and current leadership and strategic roles 

  • A passion for learning and development 

  • Academic research and professional qualifications and memberships 


Aims & Values



All of my courses are UK regulated and link to the Regulated Qualifications Framework and the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework.

Qualifications can be accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) or The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

Holding Hands
Business Plan


I work with a range of clients: Corporate; Education; Care; Non-Profit as well as more intimately with Solopreneurs, which I love.

I can consult with leaders to develop policy and training or I can deliver training to whole staff teams.

Areas I can support with include: 

  •  Mental Health and Child/Youth Mental Health 

  • Attachment and Trauma 

  • Behaviour 

  • Leadership, Management and Positive Culture 


Joanne is a smart, caring and tenacious individual who practises what she preaches at Starra Education. She has a special and unique way of tailoring all her incredible knowledge, teaching expertise and personal experience into a warm, patient, calming and intuitive way to help others. Joanne has such a clever and unique way of thinking about things and gently guides us through her teaching like it’s a journey, in a friendly and totally engaging way. I felt instantly at home throughout, her sessions were a beautiful blueprint for the budding shoots of a more positive parenting experience and overall a happier, more balanced family life. Her passion, infectious vibrancy and palpable strength was a much needed tonic for my tired mind. In short, Starra Education has shown me that behind the clouds, the sun still shines and there is a better, happier future ahead if we just learn to embrace it.

Fiona, Mum to T (7) and N (5)

I am writing this testimony in support of Joanne Docherty. I have had many years' experience with Joanne as a trainer both for myself and also for others within my team. 

During this time Joanne has been supportive, empathetic and knowledgeable in all aspects of her interactions and training. No task is too much and she will go out of her way to ensure that information is accessible and will strive to ensure you are comfortable and ready for the next task. 

Joanne has such a lovely nurturing manner and takes the time to ensure you fully understand what is needed, she is a calming force which makes it easy to take a step back and understand what is required.  Joanne has such a caring persona and likes to ensure that her students wellbeing is being met and will strive to support in the best way she can. I can't thank Joanne enough for the support she offered me throughout my training and from watching her first hand with other trainees / students, her ability to adapt and support each person on a different level is both personal but also professional. I would like to wish Joanne the very best for the future. 

Kirsty Laird, Manager @ Glasgow City Council Partnership Nursery School

Joanne has been a member of GYIP's committee since 2019 and has since been elected onto our executive committee. She has vast knowledge around children and families specialising in personal, social and emotional development. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in shaping GYIP's services and we are exceptionally lucky to have her as a board member.

Kevin Burke, Project Manager @ Govan Youth Information Project

She has a wide range of knowledge that she shared with me to help and encourage me to complete the training with great standard. During the training, I was struggling with my mental health and Joanne gave me so much support. She was always happy to listen and support me where she could. I can't thank Joanne enough for how supportive she was, helping me with both my training and my mental health. Without Joanne encouraging and supporting me, I would not have completed my training; so for all she did, I am very grateful.

NS, Senior Leader (Anonymised due to sensitive nature of information shared)

Joanne has been an amazing mentor and has helped and supported me to become a better practitioner and manager. Her approach to learning and the learner and her knowledge and understanding make her unique in what she does. 
She is so knowledgeable and has an amazing way of passing this knowledge on to everyone through her training.

Eleni, Residential Childcare Senior Leader & MSc Student

Joanne's straightforward, practical suggestions are something that we have and will continue to use. A young child's mental health may not be the first thing one considers as a parent, however these easy to implement activities certainly help nurture positive behaviours from a young age.

Gavin, Dad to T (aged 4)


I am based in Scotland, UK but have been working Internationally for over 15 years. I can work with you virtually over various digital platforms and have a flexible diary to accommodate differing time zones.

Just get in touch and we can work something out! 

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